Decorating a flat in Newton Heath

Shackleton Court, Newton Heath, Manchester.

The Project:

As you can see from the photos below there is a bit of a mish mash with the previous decorating. There was wallpaper to three walls and a bank of windows to the fourth. Over previous years the wallpaper on two walls had been painted over in a gloss dark red paint, with absolutely no cutting in to other colours whatsoever. Our job was to

remove all the existing paper from the walls and then re-paper in a 1200 grade lining paper. Once the walls had been repapered, then all the woodwork was undercoated with a white ‘Dulux’ trade undercoat. The ceiling was given two coats of ‘Glidden’ trade white contract emulsion & the walls were given one coat of ‘Glidden’ trade vinyl matt magnolia emulsion. To finish off all the woodwork was given a coat of ‘Dulux’ trade brilliant white satinwood paint. I think you would agree the transformation of the room is superb and not a trace of red anywhere !