Stripping Wallpaper with Decorators Manchester

InsideOut Decorators Manchester offer a complete painting and decorating service across the whole of the Manchester area. This complete service includes stripping off existing wallpaper before preparing the walls ready for the new wallpapering.

However, some DIY people looking to save a few bob may be interested in doing this themselves and then getting InsideOut Decorators Manchester to do the wall preparation and wallpapering.

First, check how difficult it is.

Stripping wallpaper can be one of the easiest jobs thant a decorator has to do or one of the most tedious. This very much depends on the paper you are trying to strip. If the paper has been pasted directly onto a freshly plastered wall only last year then it may simply be a case of picking at the bottom corner and peeling off the complete sheet from floor to ceiling, if it is fantastic, if it isn’t than it may be that the wallpapering has been painted and wallpapered over many times before giving a thicker and more difficult paper that has to be removed. Some decorators may recommend papering over the existing suface without stripping it. This approach very much depends on the existing finish and the final finish that you wish to acheive. If this is the case then manchester decorators will be more than willing to offer the best decorating advice.

Second, the correct painting and decorating tools

If it is a case of pick at a corner and peel the paper off the the only tool you need will be your fingers, if however it is more difficult than this you will need something a bit more powerful. Now, a lot of non-decorators may advise using warm water, washing up liquid, a sponge and a scraper. The idea being your score the wallpaper with your scraper, splash soapy warm water all over it and than waiting before attacking it with your scraper. This decorating method does work but has quite a few downfalls. Firstly it’s messy and can leave your carpets very soggy, secondly it tends to leave behind little patches of paper which will have to be removed by InsideOut Decorators Manchester anyway and thirdly lots of people who aren’t experience decorators tend to sratch, dent and damage the surface of the wall, making it more difficult to acheive the perfect decorating surface to start wallpapering on.

InsideOut Decorators Manchester would recommend using a proper wallpaper steamer/stripper, these can be hired from as little as £6 per day. Simply fill with water, turn it on and get boiling hot steam which will penetrate your wallpaper over quite a large area and really loosen the paste. Most painter and decorators would recommend these and will used them themselves as they are quicker, easier and leave a much better surface. Cleaning up before the decorators arrive is also easier as the wallpaper tends to come of in large patches rather than strips.

So there you go, sounds pretty easy doesn’t it. If you don’t fancy doing this yourself then A&A Decorators Manchester are more than happy to do it for you. The cost of this depends on the size of the room and the condition of the wallpaper in place, but don’t worry, we’ll give you the best painting and decorating price we can.

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