Painting and Decorating in Hulme.

Hulme Medical Centre, Royce Road, Hulme,


This is a modern building on a very busy thoroughfare on the corner of Stretford Road & Royce Road in Hulme, Manchester.

The Project:

The Medical Centre occupies the ground floor of this multi storey building on the jct of Stretford Road and Royce Road in Hulme. This is a very busy junction and in some way mave have contributed to the very poor finish of the window frames.

They were in dire need of some wood preserve or treatment, in total in excess of 50 window lights needed attention.

The windows were initially washed with soap and water to remove the build up of dust and dirt, then in parts it was necessary to abrase the woodwork to ensure the stain would adhere, then finally brushed off to ensure they were ready for staining.

As the wood was crying out for this treatment it was decided to use ‘Sadolin’ semi gloss in ‘Mahogany’ which is an exceptional product and carries a 6 year protection guarantee.

Testimonial on behalf of the Medical Centre:

The difference is unbelievable!!!! There was no inconvenience and we didn’t even know the painter was there!


Re-painting the Kitchen & Bathroom

Apartment 23, Rockdove Avenue, Hulme, Manchester

A three bedroom apartment which is currently let out to students attending Manchester University. The apartment is on the first floor and has unfortunately suffered from leakage from the apartment above, resulting in bad water staining to both the Kitchen & Bathroom ceilings.

The job was to apply ‘Ronseal’ damp seal to all the affected parts of the ceilings, leaving to dry overnight then emulsion all walls and ceiling as requested and paint the radiators and woodwork in a co-ordinating satinwood finish.

The Kitchen: (originally green & lemon) the ceiling was painted with a ‘Dulux’ trade vinyl matt brilliant white emulsion, the walls were all given two coats of a trade magnolia vinyl matt emulsion and the woodwork was finished in a brilliant white satinwood.

The Bathroom: (originally terracotta & lemon)  The walls and ceiling were all given two coats of ‘Dulux’ trade Natural Calico in a vinyl matt finish & the woodwork a top coat of  ’Dulux’ Natural Calico saytinwood finish.

The damp staining was totally eradicated and the two rooms took on a whole new fresh & clean outlook, much to the extreme appreciation of the three tenants……………………………..