Our Guide To Painting with

Inside Out Painters & Decorators, Manchester.

Preparation ready for painting

In this painting and decorating guide we are going to focus on the painting of internal woodwork such as doors, window  frames, architraves & skirting boards etc, together with walls and ceilings. Inside Out Painters and Decorators, Manchester also carry out hundreds of external jobs; like painting external walls, woodwork, garden gates and fences etc but these are not really covered wholly in this guide.

Within the average home there is usually quite a lot of woodwork, which every once in a while needs needs maintaining & painting, more often than not the time for this is usually when the rest of the room is ready for decorating.

Preparation of surfaces ready for painting

Prior to starting any painting, whether it be walls, ceilings or woodwork our tradesmen painters and decorators  will usually adopt the same preparation routine. This where necessary will usually involve; caulking between adjacent surfaces to fill any fineline cracks, ensuring all holes in plasterwork are made good with either plaster or filler and putting filler into any holes or cracks in the woodwork. Once all the relevant fillers are dry and prior to any painting we sand over all the surfaces to be painted to ensure they are all free of grit, hair, lumps and bumps, basically we want a nice smooth surface to which the paint will adhere and more importantly allow us a superb paintwork finish.

Painting the woodwork

Once the woodwork has been prepared and is ready for painting we ensure that all nearby furniture and belongings are covered in dust sheets to prevent any splash, all carpet/skirting areas are masked off to ensure the carpet remains paint free. Irrespective of the finished paint to be used we always recommend that an undercoat is used first, not only does this give us an ideal base coat to paint the top coat onto, but the final finish is always that more solid in appearance as opposed to a semi transparent finish.

There are so many finish coats available it really is your personal choice as to colour and type of paint, but whether it be gloss, satinwood, eggshell or any of the many other finishes available we can usually obtain the colours of your choice, from one of our many trade suppliers.

We take care to ensure that crisp straight ‘cutting in’ is used when painting two adjoining surfaces and will always paint doors and windows in the open position, to ensure the perfect finish.

Painting the ceiling and walls

We always start at the highest point and work down, so its usually the ceiling first. Without a doubt the most popular type of paint is vinyl matt & the most popular colour for ceilings is white. We use a combination of both brush and roller, taking care to cut in around light fittings and downlights and  if necessary we will remove them while we paint and replace them when the painting is complete. The number of coats will usually depend on the existing colour, but usually we find that a maximum of two coats is sufficient. Before starting the walls we ensure all pictures, mirrors, shelves & light fittings are masked off or removed. The colour of emulsion is down to you the client but as with the ceiling the paint is applied by a combination of brush and roller, taking care where necessary cutting into the ceiling, skirtings, door casings and switches/sockets.

Inside Out Painters and Decorators always ensure the correct preparation is carried out, this helps create that perfect end result – which at the end of the day is what we are all seeking.