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Just a few ideas to think about!

Painting and decorating any room can give a complete change of atmosphere. It can create many different looks and change how the room makes you feel. The choice of colour can determine your mood and give the impression of a larger or smaller space. This is all well and good, but there may be a few underlying issues which you haven’t yet thought about, which maybe you should.

We have been decorating for many years and we see the same thing repeating itself with many decorating jobs. Sometimes you want to change more than just painting and decorating, here are a few things to consider:

Are all the light switches and plug sockets in the right location?

Moving these sockets involves removing any wallcovering, hacking off the plaster and rewiring to the correct location. This is much easier to do before starting any decorating work rather than after as you get a much more even finish.

Are you going to be replacing the carpets?

If replacing your carpets is part of the plan for the re-decoration of your room, then by far the best idea is to remove them before we start decorating — rather than mask the existing carpets, put dust sheets down & paint to the height of the current carpet. The easiest option by far is to remove the carpet, remove the dust & paint straight down to the floor in readiness for the new carpet.

Does the room need more light?

Adding or moving light fittings will involve messy work which will need decorating over once it is finished, it is much better to do this before the decorators set to work.

Will you be changing curtain poles & rails?

Again this is far easier to remove the old ones first, let us make good the walls, paper or paint as necessary & then when all is finish & dry, we can fix the new rails and poles in place for you.

Do the doors close properly?

If your doors tend to stick to the frame and are quite stubborn to open and close then it will be best to get these planed down as decorators adding gloss paint to the existing problem will only make things worse.

Would you like new switches, fittings and handles?

If you are planning on updating any handles, switches or any door furniture such as letterboxes, knockers and locks then please let us know. If you wait until all the painting and decorating is finished , then decide to replace these fittings it may be the new ones are a different dimension and reveal unpainted areas. This can be patched up but doesn’t give a perfect finish.

If any of the above points stand out to you then we would be happy to quote for the work to be done for you. We know that decorating a room can be a big decision and we want to make your experience as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. Our decorators are not registered electricians but we work with several experienced tradesmen for this kind of work.

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