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There are many good tips and pieces of advice for someone thinking of re-decorating their Manchester home. The possibilities are virtually endless in both painting and decorating when it concerns creating a completely new feeling and atmosphere, turning a house in to a home. You may even own a flat or an apartment and wonder if you will be able to incorporate a different style of decorating or paint colour into it. The answer for this question is yes, yes and yes. It doesn’t matter if you own a really large, spacious home or a smaller flat, both can embrace modern and traditional styles of decorating and paint colour palettes.

Redecorating a small space in a countryside cottage can be revamped in modern colours and decorating. The same applies for the owner of a large sprawling estate. It is easy to locate a painter and decorator that will work with you and work closely together to bring to life what you envision for your home.

Almost any colour on the colour spectrum can work in different ways for whatever style you choose. You may also find that more than one paint colour can work together effortlessly to bring about the feel of warm and inviting. Warm rosey tones or soft, pale yellows and mossy greens are ideal for any traditional English home, while colours that are on the cooler, colour spectrum wheel such as blues, grays, pewters and some paler greens, can work just as well. It is all in how you incorporate your furniture and accessories that can pull the whole thing off.

The same can be said for redecorating a house or apartment with colours that are consider more loud and modern. Depending on what colour you choose can give your home a modern and up to date redecorated feel, can be affected by the accessories and other things that you will use in the rooms. Choosing a colour scheme for your home, doesn’t have to be difficult. A professional can help you with simple guidelines on what colour scheme will work for your home and even give you pointers on choosing a scheme that can calm or energise. Colours do play a very important role on how we perceive things and how we feel. You may want to think about this when picking paint colours. If blue or green is calming then you may want to use it in bedrooms or bathrooms and if reds, plums or brick colours make you feel energetic or lively, then you may want to use them in dens, living rooms and kitchens.

Decorating small spaces as well as large can be fun when going for either a traditional or modern feel. A small space can benefit from painting it certain colours. The colours you use may also make a small space feel much larger than it really is and a professional can also guide you in choosing colours that emphasise this. If you are redecorating a large space and want to make it seem more inviting and visually appealing, then your painter or decorator can also help you in this area.

Most redecorating can be successful if you know ahead of time, what colours and decor you will want to use in each room of your home. Not being sure of the colours, when you start picking them for your home when the time comes, can cause too much confusion and cost you more money in the end. Consulting with a painter or decorator ahead of time, will help you in saving time and worry when you ready to start redecorating.

We are happy to discuss any ideas you have and happy to offer advice on colours and finishes which will give your home the look you desire.

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